My (7 year old) sister joined about a week ago (her name is littlevaio( IRL Ya-el)), I cba to log into her PCB forum account so I’ll just get her to write hi! :smiley:

HI PEEPS <-- Out of the mouth of my sister.


HAI :smiley:

Aww, how cute!

Now we really need to watch our language. Vaio, that means you too! :wink:

Bit late kyle, I have heard vaio yelling at the other vaio on skype many times… xD

Indeed I do, when my parents mouth fight, they use fuck and shit and asshole etc.

Well… She grew up with swears just like me. My brother learned me it, I passed it on to my sister.

lol, but happy to have hopefully another active member :smiley:

Especially by someone we know, well kinda :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I guessed as much Vaio. I was half joking, half serious. Geez, I did not cuss till I was 15 or so. My family was strict. I lived with my grandparents who believed in the soap in the mouth treatment.

Mind you, I never had to do that.