little france a town for french lovers

So I have decided to start my first city next to Portland and I just want approval of EVERYONE!
So I have talked to whibilbo, about it and have approval from him.
I want ideas and guest to come to my “cute” little city. If you are willing to give constrictive criticism, vist and live there, that’s AWESOME!! :-*

noo not another town in the north east of them map

Lauren, if you have to do it near Portland, please for the sake of all that’s good and holy about trains, make it directly north, between Portland and Brackley (or possibly beyond Brackley but I think that’s just sea), or make it directly east.
Otherwise we’ll have a hard time getting trains there.
EDIT: you can try directly west and south, but don’t go past the next town.

already started it

I love the idea, but PLEASE for the sake of the community, don’t build in the Upper East. It’ll be so crowded.

Bordelon v. 2.0… rly

@ yoshi Brackley will eventuall cover the sea so i wouldnt advise it thats why spllat positioned me where he did then everyone followed after im fine interms of space as i can expand to the corner of the map aslond as portland doesnt keep expanding north is fine.

i dont really want to connect up with any cities because of my theme read this link for more info on Brackley

Oh god it’s Victoria Bayside Sackets Harbour all over again.

Noooo, we don’t want that again.


Hence why New Bayside and New Victoria is far apart

Yep lol, plenty of space for cities to expand.

Try not to expand into Port Royal or Bordelon, k?

i saw that city. its too close to highway and konin/portland. u need to go east now, coz u will be blocking konin and portland builds connection here. two styles r enough, and if there would came 3rd road type and building style, damn, this will be hard to connect to one good looking city. i have same problem with frycity already, so pls consider building more to east.

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