Minecraft Username: Linkman10110

Date of Ban: 01/06/2020

Banned by: MattDB

Reason for Ban: i was being a prick. a absolute prick. and griefed a base, but i can explain that, was trying to borrow Storms enchantment table and forgot my elytra, so i built up and forgot to break the tower on my way down.

Reason to be Unbanned:

its been long enough, so here is a honest apology

sorry about being vulgar, i blame my self for that.

sorry about the arguments that i’ve started.

sorry Storm about the grief, forgot my elytra, needed to use your enchantment table, and built up and forgot to break it on my way back down(my own stupidity there). granted i had used it before, so i thought he would be fine with it, apparently not.

as for the message about that, was aggravated at something else, and ended up taking it out on you. sorry about that.

im being honest here, not trying to bullcrap my way back into the server just to make the same mistakes.

Previous appeals: yes. long ago for some unwanted PVP.

Hi there, I’m not sure if it’s the best place to reply but considering I have been a part of this, and was mentioned by name in the previous appeal I thought I would add some of my thoughts. Having read your previous ban appeal Matt had stated that you weren’t banned for being a ‘prick’ but instead for griefing. Whilst you have addressed the grief within this ban appeal, I feel like if you were honestly there to borrow his elytra in good faith, the message you would have sent him would have explained that and would not have been grossly rude. I’ve encountered outbursts from you several times before the one I reported and to me I don’t think you’ve had enough time to think and get ready to be unbanned. Whilst I cannot assert if you would continue to have outbursts, I do not think that your previous record serves you very well in this situation. However, because of those reasons I will neither support/oppose your un-banning.

Travis i didnt borrow his elytra, i had my own, just forgot it at my base, i built up to storms base to borrow his enchantment table. the message i sent after he pointed it out was just left over anger from another game i was playing and had just got off of, i was aggravated, and jumped onto the server with storm complaining about me, didnt want to hear it.

My bad, I mean to say enchantment table. However though I still don’t think that was a justified response to what Storm had said. You don’t fight fire with fire.

Banned by @MattDB previously, I believe about 20 days have passed since the initial appeal. Up to you, Matt.

yeah, ik that. definitely didn’t help the matter

Hi Link, apologies for the late response, this past week has been hectic.
Let me clarify the official ban reason once more:
"Antagonizing other players and stealing, specifically sending a rude message to Storm that said “I had to borrow your enchantment table asshole. dont threaten me either. your just a trusted you cant ban me”. While you did not give the actual ban reason, you did admit fault in your actions, which suffices, however, in the future (hopefully not) be sure to put the actual ban reason.

In your previous appeal, I mentioned a complaint received from multiple players, as well as your slight grief. Given that you have apologized for your actions, I am willing to allow you to return in 4 days time.

In the future, please do not take/use anything without permission.

You will be unbanned February 5th, 2020.
Welcome back