Liliana_12: May 13,2012

Minecraft Username: Liliana_12
Approximate Date of Ban: May 13,2012
OP Who Banned You:

Reason for Ban: there was no reason i was just standing afk
Reason for Unban: becouse i didn’t even do anything i was afk
Server: Classic

Which server was this on? I believe classic due to the 100 min ban but I am not entirely sure.

classic server. i was in my map afk for just 3 to 5 minutes i still dont know who banned me, the server didnt say.

If the person is AFK, I ONLY kick, that way we free up a server slot, thats it

kyle can you check the logs to see who did it?

On it

What caused this? I did not see any sign of liliana acting oddly. Nor any explanation as to why the ban occurred.
(06:50:40) brandonquinn11 used /tempban liliana_12 100000
(06:51:06) brandonquinn11 used /tempban liliana_12 100

Can someone explain this? It seems people are using tempban for 1 minute intervals? If they grief and need a ban, let us know here. Otherwise, it can be seen as an abuse of power. I know there are a lot of griefers, but why ban king? The logs did not show any hostility.
(07:06:09) Worrior_of_Time used /tempban rjb16 1
(17:55:07) KingHoneydew1 used /tempban kayvaan 10
(18:55:52) Worrior_of_Time used /tempban kinghoneydew 1

I would guess they where messing around with each other. That is the only reason i can see why you would temp ban for a minute.

That’s not cool…

wait a sec… you cant temp ban your same rank! i tried that on someone who placed one tnt block on my map and BOOM. i forgave him becuase /tnt blows up instantly. but my /tempban wouldnt work on him. Why would brandon ban lilana for 100 minutes? thats really irritating and no one would like that. Are players alowed to post on ban appeals?? if not then i will alpoligize

Players directly involved, or that have information that could help can input, as you have done. But they shouldn’t just to say things like ‘‘I like this person, unban!’’

Was this resolved? If not, I would like to know why brandon did this. But Liliana, at least how I have seen, is a cool person, and nothing comes to my mind for why a ban would be necessary.

Andy, brandon is pro isnt he? Lilliana was adv at the time i believe

yes you are right john. Zesty i believe you are right! i think adv and pro should have kick but temp ban should be for trainee op+ BUT… I think you may let SOME pros or adv to have the tempban power IF they have the responsibility to use it PROPERLY so maybe you ops can debate about this.

oh i thought you could give it to just one person etc

In my opinion, next time we catch staff/adv/pros abusing their powers, i think they should receive a warning, with 3 warnings, maybe a vote with staff of a demote?

I raised tempban to pro for now. There are too many advbuilders who cannot use it wisely.

Do adv still get kick?

Just found this thread. Yes. They still have kick.

Does anybody think he wouldve tempbanned somebody for cussing INDIRECTLY? ???