Liam's CTF Map

Yes! The (construction of my) CTF map is finally finished!
Me and fatso are still trying to see if theres a way to stop it having to be set up every match, but apart from that it is done!
The map is called ‘Seige’.

RULES and instructions:
Blue & Red, to join a team, use /team join
to leave a team, use /team leave

Scoring: You must walk into the flagpole (mushrooms under a coloured block) to steal the flag, then take it back to your base, your flag must be present in your base to capture it.
To view scores use /team scores

ctf Turns CTF mode on for the level. Must be enabled to play!
/ctf start - Starts the game!
/ctf stop - Stops the game.
/ctf ff - Enables or disables friendly fire. Default is off.
/ctf flag [color] - Sets the flag base for specified team.
/ctf spawn [color] - Adds a spawn for the team specified from where you are standing.
/ctf points [num] - Sets max round points. Default is 3.
/ctf team add [color] - Initializes team of specified color.
/ctf team remove [color] - Removes team of specified color.]

If anyone knows whether there are special weapons you can use, please let me know!