Lets say i wanted to apply for trainee op (classic server)

I’ve been thinking about it but was wondering where to put it.

its not a 101% finished but where would i apply for trainee op for the classic server? i did nt know where to post this so i posted it here. im not saying i am going to but when/if i do where would i go?



i just failed… :slight_smile:

I don’t get how the mod thing works :frowning:

What exactly don’t you get?

I think he means the application process. Basically, if your app is accepted (usually within 3 days), you will notice you have the rank. Someone should tell you and give you advice on your new role.

If you don’t hear anything, it is likely the app was a failure.

Ah. Alrighty then.

well i was told to wait 2 weeks

Wow but I hear nothing so far

andy YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!! you know that and so does everyone else!



In some cases it has been known to take up to two weeks to get enough input in order to make an informed decision. It’s not common but it has happened before

I wasn’t informed for at least a month or so when i applied. Then they put that thing on the forums giving many people advances in their ranks. Do we not just give people a pm when their app has been accepted? ???

I think the process is different for those playing classic. For the full game, the forums are crucial. They determine your rank and are our primary contact with the player. In classic, most players are only seen there. It is a bit of an independent body. Ranks are different, rules are different etc.

pretty much. Although, I thought I would mention this. The applications have been really weird lately, I tried to make one to test, and it won’t show half of the questions at first, making it look like someone didn’t put too much effort into their application.
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so thats why i was declined the whole time?


but there are only 9-10 questions i did see…im not sure the yes or no part was a question…

dont judge im tired…ish… :stuck_out_tongue:


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