Lets Play

Me,Nook,Tar(which is unavailable) will be doing a lets play on the server so whenever we say we r recording plz be quiet thank u

Just make sure you inform everyone before you start recording

Me fatso and Liam are currently doing one too :smiley: (starting today)

This might be quite difficult using a public server. You can’t expect everyone to just be quiet, and not do anything really.

good thing were getting vai to host it then XD

Wait, I thought I was meant to be included in that…

but i dont want to shut up! i want them to hear my pretty lettered voice!

Theres nothing wrong with people speaking while your recording. If it gets annoying just tell them.

ok then but please message each other if we are recording and brodur you are not on skype for the lets play

Edit by: Brodur, lots of spelling

that made no sense… but i think i got the spelling right :smiley:

i dont think we should have to be quiet. set up your own sever and not use pcb when you are recording because most likely we wont be quiet ;p

If anything people will speak more knowing you’re recording…

exactly the’ll probably say things like OMG IM ON YOUTUBE YAYYY.

Thats probs exactly whats going to happen xD

Haha yeah, I totally agree. You guys should set up your own server, it would be better.

yea its actually quite funny wen people start shouting things

im actually in the process of setting up my own server, does not require much RAM, and have started a youtube channel, with Minecraft and Terraria let’s plays