Let's be more active this Winter Break!

Since most of us will be out of school for some odd weeks, let’s all play a little more :smiley:

There will be many fun events happening around Christmas time, so be ready!

What kind of events? :o
Also I don’t know about you but Christmas break is the busiest time for me. :-
This won’t hinder me trying to get on ;D

Youll see what events soon enough :smiley:

Yay, events! I hope mojang do the christmasy chest thing again this year, I never got to experience it…

Also I think what was supposed to happen at halloween should be rescheduled for christmas (loot droppers in major towns) ;D

set your computer date to the christmas day and voilaaa ther it is

Also, since when has this /warp christmas thing been around?

2 days.

My parents don’t have internet at home, so when I go back for winter leave, my activity will be kind of limited. >.>

This day and age with no Internet? Ouch!

Today is my last day of school until January 6. I will be on the game a lot more