legotrooper123 - 18th of April, 2015


Minecraft Username legotrooper123

Date of Ban 18th of April, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Zak96

Reason for Ban Bad chunk again -_-

Reason to be Unbanned I stopped trying to join the server. I also told staff about this issue. Octo said it was fixed. I don’t see why i am banned. It’s not like its my fault.

[ Ban History ] 3 other ban appeals found
1st of April, 2015

17th of February, 2015

10th of February, 2015

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Andy instructed me to keep you banned whilst we investigate possible reasons behind why you have (unintentionally) corrupted chunks twice now.

Twice might not seem like a lot, but nobody else has corrupted a chunk twice so we need to investigate.

So i guess this means bye pcb… :’(

Once we’ve figured out why the chunk was corrupted, you’ll be unbanned.

Do you use any mods? Did you do something you don’t normally do before the chunk was corrupted? What were you doing just before it became corrupted?

The only mod i have is optifine. Staff approved it. I use it for better performance. Ive had optifine for about 4 months now. Before the server crashed i was using the new canal system i made for halcyon. then i saw a ravine and i went to it. Then the server crashed.

Lol i won’t be able to sleep tonight…

I can’t see why any of that would cause an issue.

We’ll see what an admin has to say.

It should be safe to let him back in since I’ve removed his player data. Only his inventory and last login coordinates should be missing.

Unbanned. Locked.