lebronjamesMVP - 4/8/13


Minecraft Username lebronjamesMVP

Date of Ban 4/8/13
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Hard24get

Reason for Ban Griefng?

Reason to be Unbanned i dont know why i was banned for griefing and i was on spring break and the i tryed to get on and BAM i am banned.

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You were banned for breaking the web’s in the PVP arena. It’s not a major offense. I’m just irritated at everyone thinking its OK to break them. -_-. So why did you break them??

Not only that but I did find Arena armor in his chests. I returned them also.

I remember one incident that happened with the webs in the PVP arena. I cant remember who it was but someone broke the web on accident.

Was this entire opening or one web?

Nearly 3 weeks and no response. Locking this. If you care to be unbanned and explain your case, then make a new appeal.

Nek, I believe he has been unbanned for awhile…