I am leaving Mine Craft and Project City build due to it not being so appealing anymore. Please keep this server good, Mine craft needs more servers like this one. I loved every second here, and I am sure most of you all do too. I will try to pop in every month or so to check up on portland and empire. Empire is owned by all co owners from now on along with Houston. Please Please Please do not forget me everyone… I hope I helped enough within the time frame I had available to play mine craft within these last 2 years, Thank you @jmvvana @TheTimeWulf @Godsjedi12315 @koalamama @maddygabbyy @laurenp277 @whbilbo @Amphitryon @PrinceMark @Mannriah @YeshyYeshiam and everyone else for some of the best experiences ever. If you are new and reading this please do know that Project City Build will have some major positive effects on you for sure. From meeting new people and making great friends to getting to build what you’ve never dream of building. Trust me I feel like I was just building outside of creative spawn and making a 6 by 6 stone building thinking it was the best building ever lol, Now I have the capability of building mega structures that awe most of the community. Okay I am done, Goodbye everyone.

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Instagram: The_Jacob
Snapchat: Jacob_Hola
Skype: jacob_converseaddict

keep in contact, and join often. we’ll miss you m8 :frowning:

I wish you weren’t leaving. I absolutely love you loads and we will always be good friends. Keep in touch with me doll. This definitely doesn’t mean we won’t still have karaoke nights. <3

Awwwww m8… We sure had some fun times together on the server from when I was BryceDestroyer03 and I helped build in the old Empire (most of the builds I did there were never finished anyway XD) from the whole deal with Lucite and Mobius on this map. Overall it has been such a fun experience with you and it is truly sad to see you go. I hope things play out good for you with the rest of your life and I am going to miss you D:

Farewell, Jacob!

Bye Jacob. I will miss you and I wish you weren’t leaving but we all need a brake from things every once and a wile. I wish you the best of luck in the future. Cya are around one day!

Bye Jacob! I wish you weren’t leaving. It’s sad to see a great member go. :’(

you were someone I never talked to but one I knew well. You made the community feel happy each day you join. I respect and understand why your leaving since I my self feel bored in minecraft more and more and I only play the game because of the good part of the community. Thanks for being simply a great guy.
many thanks -jah :slight_smile:

Come back soon!

You’ll get back =)
They all do

I can still remember you playing as the Grinch, last Christmas. I’ve seen you many times, in Empire, and helping your two best friends Whbilbo, and Joe. I hope you return soon. :slight_smile:

Cya next Tuesday hoe

See ya round!

Bye Gurr, stay safe. Mwah x