Leaving For Disney!

This Saturday I leave for a trip to Disney World (Florida)! I will be back after 9 days (6/14/15 pr 14/6/15). Halcyon’s doors will be closed as a grief prevention (I don’t want to come back and see my city decaying in grief!)

So… Yeah :wink:

Alternatively, “June 14”

I feel bad that this post got almost 0 activity when Marks goodbye post got like 3 pages. This is me leaving a post and writing words because I feel your feels bro. so um, bye.

Have a very great time mate

I remember going there when I was 6, I could not remember a single thing after. Thnx parents for taking me at a age where I will not remember -.-

Anywhoser-whopen (yes) You have a good time at the magical kingdom! you should be plenty old enough to remember your trip. Make sure to take it all in so you can tell us when you come back.


You must be so excited. Hopefully I get to take my kids there one day!

Wow, I love Disney! Been there 3 times, and never had a bad experience. I hope you enjoy your vacation! :stuck_out_tongue:

~~~ R J ~~~

Annnnnnnnnnnnd… I’M BACK!

My favorite part of coming home was eating at a subway, in a town called Bland, in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere.

(There were a lot of people at subway, so i guess subway is the place to hang in Bland…)