Leaving, Don't Bother Demoting/Tempan, Permaban

Alright pretty self explanatory, just permaban me.

NO I really don’t give 2 fucks if this is on the wrong forum or not.

I really don’t care what people think of me here upon leaving at this point, as I barely like anyone on the server at all anymore… I really only get along with Italian_Child, Jake, Cherry, gggeeee, RGA, and if I forgot your name sorry.

Shit, it’s been a nice, what, 2 and a half years, I’ve been playing on this server and I’ve been banned numerous times but this time is different.

People already know I’m racist, I’m definitely NOT the only racist on PCB… A few OPs I can name off the top of my head have said things similar to me and completely had it fly over the radar. That doesn’t bother me, because the difference with what I did is that I guess I took it too far.

This server has definitely gone to shit over time. It used to be a great place to be, I even acted the same towards when I first joined up, and there were plenty of good times. Now it’s just everyone takes it seriously… “PRIVATE JOSH, ARRANGE MY SHIT IN MY CHEST, -FCA COMMANDER”, “Stop cussing :<”, And I know I have no room to talk because I guess I’ve gone downhill myself also.

Getting into drinking and heavy drugs this year and getting caught recently and having a cancer scare definitely changed me, for the better…some ways, for the worse? more ways. I know, most people don’t respect me at all, even hate me, especially the Canadians.

But really, this server has gone downhill over time and there is just no denying that. Barely any new people come on anymore, attempts to get more people have failed or gone negatively, you got douchebag mods like ninjamonk96 on the staff who are completely on a power trip and are only there to enforce rules and never allow any good times to be had. And I’m done with it. I didn’t intend for it to end this way, but hey, shit happens. I’m not gonna view this or reply or join at all anymore, so go ahead and do the work and permaban me.

Let me make this clear, NOT VIEWING/REPLYING, so shit said and butthurt or solemn people that reply, you’re talking to a wall. I’ve already gone ahead and blocked PCB on steam and the members I have as friends, and will do the same on Skype. Please leave me be, I just wanna go.

Even if I didn’t ask to be permabanned myself I would’ve had to deal with cubanmonk96’s douchey attitude constantly bringing up me being demoted/tempbanned whatever the decision would have been.

Good luck PCB, fuck you ninjamonk96.


There’s no point on trying to make you stay (since your mind is already made up) bye have fun

Ron Burgundy - That Escalated Quickly

Fili I am sorry to hear that. While I know your mind is made up feel free to msg me if you want to talk. It would be a pleasure. And one thing about Canadians: we tend not to know what the hell we are talking about. We are beer-addicted maple syrup drinking mongrels. So yea.

Your friend,


I’m gonna really miss you Fili. I know there’s been plenty of times where the general majority of the server didnt agree with things you said and what not, and for that I’m sorry they couldn’t have gotten to know you the same way I did with all the others you listed :slight_smile:

What a lot of people dont know is that this is NOT the first time commotion like this has happened un-involving you, cough staff When I was trying to seek peace with a specific someone on this server months ago, that didn’t work out and to me it seems nothing was done about it and the player was able to get away. It really dissapoints me that there has been talk of you getting banned and temp banned and what not because I know that you actually are a very caring person and that your opinions make up your character. Heck if the whole server saw everything in our staff chats sometimes. I’m pretty sure we’d have less staff privately insulting other member and trusted players. It’s something everyone should know, we staff DO talk about you guys, I do too I wont lie about that and …idk whatever

Im just gonna miss you lots, cause you were helpful to me many times, you were my first friend ever on PCB, and you have really stayed a true friend to me on the server whenever either of us needed to vent about something. I hope you change your mind one day in the very far distant future to come back (because lets face it, you and me both know you probably dont wanna hear from anyone PERIOD from the server) and I respect that you want to just get away from this commotion. I really really really really hope you do come back when you feel up to it, to me, and I dont care what anyone else thinks, but I really feel you are one of our valuable players disregarding you being ex-staff and banned before. Goodbye, dont forget the people on PCB that did matter to you :’(

Bye. o/

Goodbye Fili… We will miss you. :’(

Fili, whoever this Ninjamonk96 person needs to stop bullying you. I, Ninjamonk377, will personally find out who this guy is and tell him to back the fuck down! Good luck in life. May it be filled with happiness and joy.

Love: Your bestest Floridian bro: Ninjamonk377

I know you said not to but fuck it.

Bye fili.
Whatever you end up doing, don’t get yourself arrested.
I’ll do my best to carry on building that stuff (without rainbow houses).
So uh, yeah. See ya.

sorry to hear that D: and i know noone will change your mind but anyway bye dood D:

Bye Fili I think alot of people will miss you when your gone and alot of people do. You think your racist and what not i dont see that in you i see someone who can be cool and i wish you would come back. I remember the first time i met you on the 1.2.5 server and after the recent change in PCB i decided to quit minecraft for a while but i came back. And i think you can do the same if we gave you enough courage and if people stopped trying to get you off. You may act a bit immature here and there but thats no problem i do that sometimes too. Ima miss you fili I hope you decide to come back.

I’m going to be brutally honest in this post. Brace your self for some controversial stuff (hah) with less ass kissing.

Fili, I like you most of the time. I miss how the server used to be with the more laid back attitude too.

But it’s still good. People do the FCA stuff because it can be fun at times to do stuff like that, it’s the same as doing RP stuff in my opinion. I don’t do it because I like to be more laid back about stuff but I see the appeal. We do get new players. Some may be annoying as fuck at first, but I’m just intolerant of people at times, and they will later grow on me and become part of the community.

I absolutely hate your attitude with this sort of stuff, you could go about it a much more mature way rather than being like “lol well fuck you.”. The first thought that came into my head reading your post was also “Well, fuck you then”. You have had a lot of chances due to this happening multiple times to be fair.

This may make me seem a bit like an ass, but I know some people who will post in this thread will just be like “aww will miss you bye bye :frowning: sadface” When they haven’t expressed a complete love for you all the time. I’m just being honest.

When you’re acting a bit more normal, you’re a great guy to be around, but when you slip back to your “idgaf” attitude I don’t like you so much.

Like Ouhai said, don’t get arresed or OD on shit. At the same time, enjoy your life.

See ya

Im not going to be nice. At all.

Again you’ve cause a huge fucking uproar on the server, that didn’t need to be done, yeah you spoke your bloody opinion, but what your forgetting is that the 3 things you dont bring up on the fucking internet are racism, Religion, and Politics, and you brought up two of the three in the same fucking conversation. Your a fucking menace and I personally have no patience or sympathy who uses their own fucking life choices as a scapegoat for being a dickhead.

I was your age, and have gone through Hell most of my life, and you dont see me using it as an excuse to be a sarcastic bastard on here, im a nice guy and generally like helping people cause that is what i do to keep myself moving. you can have this fuck off attitude all you want, but its not going to get you anywhere in life at all. So keep up with the drug and alchohol. lets see how far it gets you dumbass.

Again im done with him, im fucking glad hes gone, if anyone asks, im the one who wanted him permabanned in the other thread. Can we please get back to our happy fucking server now?

Can we please get back to our happy fucking server now?

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay happy happy fun times la de do de da da whee.

Don’t give a damn shit if this was locked, fili was my friend; and I’m replying. And to you fili, I have no idea if you’ll read this or not. But In the 2 and a half years I’ve known you I have had so many fun times with you and I couldn’t let you leave without me saying goodbye. I also want to say that I’m sorta on fili’s side of this whole matter. Everyone on this server needs to stop being so fucking uptight power hungry rule-abiding maniacs and LOOSEN UP a bit. So goodbye fili. I’m gonna miss you, you fantastic bastard.