Leauge of Legends

Hello PCB, I was just wondering if any of you play League of Legends. I’ve been playing it quite a bit recently and if anyone else want to play with me drop your IGN down below. Huzzah! FYI, I’m almost to level 30.

I gave up around Level 23, I was trash compared to my friends and people would rage at me. I also didn’t have solid, 1 hour-ish long blocks of time to spend either, and my Internet is crap, so I decided LoL was not the right game for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure they’ve already de-activated my account login name thingy, so I can’t even log in now if I tried.

I would, if my internet wasn’t such a poop :’(


YEAH ME !!! ADD ME PLZ :smiley:

username : miniwhite

Rank: silver 3
level 30


NA = WKSpooks

EUW = HKSpooks

Username: Elydore
Level 30
Silver V

idk if ill play anytime soon but add lordkirov if u want.