Leather,Steak, and MORE

I recently made a ‘secret’ mega cow farm. There are 100s of cows at this lot, so I’ll be able to sell things at wholesale prices! The items will be sold in my store in the market. The prices below are by the stack

[ul][li]Steak - $10[/li]
[li]Leather - $32[/li]
[li]Item Frame - $35[/li]
[li]Book - $40[/li][/ul]

Way to kill the food economy…

Jk, but you may want to consider raising prices a bit lot so other people at least have a chance to compete.

Yeah, please do Ferrari.

isnt the item frame made with sticks and wool?

If so, the price is a bit high

Sticks and leather. Also you may have missed the part where he said ‘by the stack’. All of these prices are ridiculously low. The only thing going for that kind of price per stack is cobble, dirt, sand or wooden planks.

Why is this exactly after 3/4th of my cows got Killed overnight by someone ( amount of cows is around 150)


Likely a coincidence yomi. If Ferr has a farm, it would mean he has these cows. I doubt he could steal yours. The timing is kinda bad though.

I did miss where he said by the stack…

Also yomi, I saw this post before the cow incident…He also said secret cow farm.

I too have a secret animal farm…

You aren’t harvesting my mooshrooms in that crater are you? Also for those who have farms, please put them in an enclosed area (a building or underground) that is protected with a locked door (can you lock a fence?). We can track crops, chests, blocks, dispensers and furnaces but not mobs or unlocked doors. Steampunk’s animals are pretty close to the warp point, so I can imagine it is pretty tempting for a new player to help themselves to a lot of food.

You can’t lock fence/gates, which I think woulld be a good thing to add.

Also, I would like feedback on what my prices should be.

Mine is underground that needs a ladder to get to…and it also has a block on top of that too. I think mine is safeish

Mine’s totally out in the open, it’s huge. However it’s in the middle of nowhere and it’s impossible to find. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can ban me if you dont have logs O.O

Aren’t people allowed to price their product freely? Last time I checked, there was nothing wrong with having a good deal on food :?

Freaking this.

Maybe other people need to step their game up? Having a low price on food is great for everyone so what’s the problem? Compete.

Maybe someone can set up an ethical beef store, selling non mass-produced cow goods!

Free range cows! Basically cows that were found anywhere on the map that aren’t surrounded by fences. They’re still brutally slaughtered and forced to breed. But hey, they can walk around!

Effects of low pricing: The closer a price gets to zero, the more consolidated business becomes.

  1. It creates the inability to pay workers, since nobody is doing to do work for dirt money.
  2. it can lead to the massive buying of one person’s stock to sell it to someone else at a slightly higher price, which can cause someone to loose all of their money very rapidly.
  3. It destroys competition, rendering one organization the only one capable of producing unless a buyout is forced, at which rate it will either cause all prices to spike towards zero, or for buyouts to cause prices to increase as a method of compensating for losses.

Both of these lead to the fundamental loss of jobs for new players, and make the production limited to what the one individual can produce. There are loopholes, such as when the player runs out of stock, but some items are easy to ascertain and are given out freely by others. Some take advantage of that. Overall, I just think the massive deflation of prices is bad for the server economy. Some is okay, its just kind of rediculous when the amount of money we started with on the server can buy you a life supply.

That’s how my cows are, there are hundreds however they never bump into eachother.