Late Halloween thread thingy

So. I’m interested to hear and see what people did for Halloween! I know a few of you did some stuff, and some of it looks pretty damn epic.

I went to some half shitty/half good party that was organised for my year in school (school didn’t organise it though, which isn’t a surprise.) and decided to go as ‘The Scarecrow’ from Batman Begins.


Made the mask myself, turned out better than expected. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any hallucinogenic grenades. :confused: Also, at the time I was wearing the suit so it did look better than that shitty photo xD

So yeah! Post photos or funny incidents that may have happened!

Lol but we dont celeberate halloween

Britain kind of half does. It’s more of an excuse for kids to get candy, and everyone else to get drunk if they want to. Also an excuse for shops to charge extra money for the same product with a slight colour or theme change.

I was sick :frowning:

I stayed at home scaring children that came to the door with a mask :smiley:

What mask? :stuck_out_tongue: I know vais 'costume, was a good one.

It was an orange ghoul.

LOL +1 Those poor little children. Didn’t know what hit 'em. ;D
Also I did nothing. Um I moved into a new neighborhood, was bored all day. In my new neighborhood there were only like 3 kids who came to the door so I had plenty of leftover candy :smiley:

EDIT: Liam, is there something about Foo Fighters in the background of that Spoiler? XD

Yes! xD Poster I got a few years ago when I went to see them.

Ah ok lol xD

Well i spent time working at our town square for a halloween festival. I worked at one of the games and was the only one who got the shy kids to play our games. That made me feel pretty good. The kids loved me :smiley: If i was wearing my costume though, they prob woulda cried. :stuck_out_tongue: That reminds me, there was this maybe 3 year old that came by our game and he was dressed up as sully from monster inc. It was the cuttest costume i ever saw. That kid definitely had the best one all night.
After that i took my nephews trick or treating and got tons of candy thanks to my jigsaw costume. Some of the kids that were handing out candy actually fought over who would give it to me first. :slight_smile:
So basically that’s it, and a few other things i did, but aren’t really too important. :stuck_out_tongue:

I went around the Barracks with a few other plebes and we antagonized the upperclassmen by knocking on their doors and then shouting “TRICK OR TREAT”. It was very funny to see them all react similarly in the fashion of slowly turning their heads to the door, saying “Hold on a second” to their phones, uttering curses at us for actually trick-or-treating, and then begrudgingly opening their boodle boxes to give us some assorted goods, such as a can of Chef-Boyardee, some Peaches, an Apple, a plastic bottle, a chem-light (military glow stick), and a bit of actual candy. Nobody got pranked except for somebody who got their window blown in with a barrage of particularly heavy water baloons. Good times.

I basically ran around Walmart in an awesome pirate outfit. Bought 6 things if candy. Car battery died outside of Walmart. Got home. Ate prob a jillion calories of candy. Ate strawberry ice cream ^-^ and then crashed out after finally eating some rice- I just couldn’t stop my Asian side from kicking in haha