Last Day :C

For a while I haven’t been on the server because I have been busy with other stuff. So my last day one PCB is going to be 2-25-2013 also because I am doing new things other than MineCraft. Im planning on doing a few things before I leave.

Thanks and Bye!

No =( dont say goodbye forever =(

I might come back if i have time.

EDIT: Also I will give away some of my stuff

Super lame Ian.

hope you do well in your other endeavors. don’t forget us here at PCB though.

I wont

You may say by now but im sure you will be back from time to time, so lets not say farewell just a good bye for now :wink:

_ Rippor

We all know how busy school and life can be… During the summer I’m sure you could come online every once in a while, right? :3

Aww :frowning: sorry to hear you have to go for a(hopefully) short time.
Just be sure to comeback ASAP! ^-^

If you don’t say goodbye, then your not really gone. Your just not here right now.

Never say good-bye, just “see you later!”.

Do hope you come back soon

I might come back in the summer, just maybe.