Last day blues

Hiya pcbians,

Not long now until I leave for my break. I have to say there’s been some brilliant statues,shrines etc. Dotted about all over the server and seeing my head everywhere is quite bizarre. Some folks have been wondering around wearing my skull and I belive @AGx has a screen shot from yesterday. There’s even a couple of insane members who have changed their skin for what has now been called ‘Wooly Day’. I see I will be truly missed but it’s all for a good reason. You will still see me pop in on the odd occasion if LIL B aka @koalamama hits me up, and when there’s ever any build contests because you know me I can’t let you all win that easily (it is a contest after all). I also believe that me and @AGx have a little surprise coming up for you guys but I will let him explain when it’s ready. I will be leaving for my break at 11pm GMT so not sure what time that is where you guys are but Google is a man’s best friend. Anyway I will update this when I leave.


Hail the AFK Lord

You’ll be missed, wooly, take care. I hope to see you around often.


WE will all miss the almighty WOOLEH, we hope that u can soon come back to the server and have finished all your exams successfully and with your music brav. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even though I haven’t been on as much, whenever I DO see you on the server, everyone just seemed to perk up a bit and enjoy their time more. Take care, wooly. You’ll be missed by me, and MANY other people :wink:

P.S. Good luck on those building contests, I see some serious competition beginning to brew

you will be missed wooly! thank you for your years of service, and thank you for being there when we needed you!

-x- Hail The AFK Lord -x-


Bish, @Wairoa has always been the AFK King

See you soon mate

You will be missed wooly. Hope you had lots of fun today! Hopefully I will see you when you return! byeee

Cya AFKing! :wink: You’ll be missed

~Claudia :smiley:

Well that’s it been a great one guys cheers for all the kind messages of support and all the shrines, statues, shows etc.




see you next week

That long?

No i will be gone much longer than a week

That’s what they all say.

We will definitely miss you <3

Also whats your dj name?
And i wish you all the best.

WOOOLLLLEEEHH D::: have a good one brav :stuck_out_tongue:

wait wat, wooly<<< and madant<<<< why did u guys ban me “with love” ?

are you unbanned

lol wooly lemme check knew u guys where messing around :P, have a good one.