Last Chance To Vote

Please view the previous two polls and recast your vote. Some options have been deleted in each poll leaving only two choices in each.

Voting closes in three days.

there is no poll…

anyhow, i vote for chest (i dont care about money haha)

I vote for double chest(s).

I vote acuss forth chests

Guys, you’re supposed to vote in the old polls.
I’m going to lock this to prevent confusion.

EDIT: No I’m not, as apparently I can’t lock threads/modify others posts, or do any administrator things…

Liam is right although this should be locked or deleted to prevent confusion with a post on one of the other two topics to post about final vote.

da fucK? i cant do any of that either liam.

probably because _specialk made it, and he’s higher up?

I checked Liam and Hard’s permissions and they seem to be right. They should have that power. That is, unless Andy or Special fixed it before I checked. Try again as a test?