Lan Help Please

So, people recently started receiving this “received string length longer than maximum allowed” when trying to join my lan world.
It just started doing this today and i can’t figure out what’s wrong. I’ve force updated, and restarted my computer. It’s only on this one world i have and it’s supposed to be a big pvp map i’ve been working on for my school. Any other world works fine and it doesn’t give me that problem.
Can someone please help me? D:

  1. Make sure bukkit is up to date.
  2. Make sure minecraft server is up to date
  3. Make sure you and all players are up to date.
  4. Perhaps the MOTD is too big?

LAN Hard… LAN…

Try re-opening your world and make sure its connected to internet, Also make sure your minecrafts are the same version.

At a random guess it could be, as hard said, The MOTD or the name of your world that could be messing it it? The strings are becoming too damn high!

Again… LAN (INTERNET connection no bukkit n stuff no motd etc)

Lan servers can have a MOTD, Just with use of outside applications.

As for your problem, Try shortening the map name…Thats all i have for now. It is late and im sleepy. I had this same problem awhile ago.

Ocram, lan servers are basicly full servers with the limitations on how people can join. You dont need bukkit to get errors with name strings.

I Loled.
LAN. Local Area Network, No internet connection required. The problem should just be client versions and server versions. You can have an entire server, Bukkit+Plugins,etc on LAN. A LAN server is just like any other sever, except only people within the network can connect(with or without an account).

LAN servers are also every map loaded since official release. (I think)

Just the map you want loaded.

Well i don’t think it could be any thing like a MOTD, but idk really. I don’t have any mods at all installed. I think the problem might be a bugged block. I was messing with command blocks and then people started not being able to join. However i started breaking some of the newer blocks i placed, and nothing happened :confused:
Does anybody know a way to find a bugged block?