Today when came back up the sever has been having mager lag issues.
and this has started today it is different from what we have been experiencing for the past 2 weeks.
when im on the sever there will be points of no lag then points of lots of lag. for example there will be 5 seconds of no lag then 5 to 20 seconds of lag. we restarted the sever but i still didn’t fix it D:
Any ideas why this is happening?

I think it’s just on our server. Check out Ymbnin’s post about the lag.

I cant im not a mod on the forums D:

It’s something with the server for sure. It may be with the plugins or something, especially the save plugin. But really there is no point in updating the bukkit version, because we know 1.8 is right around the corner. Hopefully once it comes and we have a stable bukkit version along with essential plugins it should be ok hopefully.


Cmon when i complained about the lag evry1 started yelling at me

yeah that sounds about right sippeh :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats because it was no different than the usual lag. This is an issue that needed to be looked at.

Prehaps it has something to do with the connection issues was having earlier?

Thats one of the things i was thinking. but i think the sever is running fine at the moment.