Soo, have any of ya heard/played this awesome game? I started playing the PC remake version of it about week ago and I’m totally hooked on it! Its an indie platform game where you have to explore the ruins of La-Mulana with your Indiana Jones -looking character. It reminds of games like Castlevania and Metroid. I love the look of the game. :3
For you who dont know anything about it, heres a video that hopefully cleares it a bit:
La-Mulana Trailer (WiiWare)

The ruins are full of traps, hidden treasures and puzzles that really makes you to use your brains so dont expect it to be easy :stuck_out_tongue: It took pretty long for me to learn the basics, but after that the game really shows that its worth of playing. If youre going to play it, dont forget to visit the old man in his tent. His emails are pretty useful sometimes and also provides the best humor in the game :smiley:

Also, heres the official site with more info:

It does indeed look a lot like Castlevania. It even has the whip thing going on. I am not in the mood for that type of game right now, but maybe later on. Thanks for the recommendation.

Np, its a great way to kill some time :stuck_out_tongue: If someone is going to play it and needs help, id recommend DeceasedCrab’s Let’s Play La-Mulana (remake) videos on youtube.