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[size=14pt]Thread Description
[size=12pt]This thread is to place policies or claims only please use the format below. Also, state who refereed you, this helps pay our sales team. Please go here to post questions/comments:
Posts other than order forms will be deleted or moved to the other thread.

NOTE: weekly payments are due Friday - Sunday of each week.

[size=14pt]Claim Form
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Items Lost:

How Items Got Lost:

Other Info:[/b]

[size=14pt]Order Form
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Policy Requested:

Deductible Requested:

Top Three (3) Expensive Items:

Other Info:[/b]

[size=12pt]Basic: $75 /week
Pays up to to $356.25 in damages

Economy: $125 /week
Pays up to to $593.75 in damages

Premium: $175 /week
Pays up to to $831.25 in damages

[size=12pt]Deductible- subtracted from your claim in the event of a loss.
[Deductible] - [Increase in premium] /week
$0 - +$75 /week
$25 - +$50 /week
$50 - +$25 /week
$100 - +$0 /week

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Terms and Conditions
[size=8pt]A policy covers the user’s, and only the user’s, personal items in the event of a natural loss. Posting below acknowledges you agreed to the following terms and conditions… A limit of 1 (one) policy may be held by a single user. All items in the user’s inventory will be covered, and can/will be paid by Kwerk Insurance in the event of a permanent loss. Examples of unnatural/temporary losses are, but are not limited to: server timeout glitch, unwanted pvp fighting, and misplaced items. To place a claim, post below, following the format above. The official format for placing claims is listed on the original post, users who do not post in this format will be asked to do so. Once a claim has been approved, a mandatory deducible is removed from the total payout. This deductible is based on your policy, and will be implemented at the time of a claim. High-risk users may be forced to have a higher deducible, based on previous claims. When a claim is processed, the weekly premium will increase based on, but not limited to: frequency of claims, size of claim, payment regularity. Payments are due once the signs up for a policy. Weekly payments are due Friday-Sunday every week. Users who did not pay within this period will be dropped, not covered until they sign a policy again. We will pay 90% of the items lost. Refunds will not be given under normal circumstances. Users accused of insurance fraud will be persecuted and dealt with staff, as they have stolen from the company. The contract is not to be altered in any way, and doing so will void any and all policies.

Date: August 29, 2013

Policy Requested: Basic

Deductible Requested: 100$

Top Three (3) Expensive Items: Diamond Armour, Diamond Sharpness III Sword, Flame I Power IV Bow, Unbreaking III Eff IV Diamond Shovel

Other Info: Everything is enchanted diamond armour with Protection I Projectile Protect. I, Sharpness I, Unbreakable, and Eff II

Order Form


Policy Requested:Basic

Deductible Requested:0-+$75

Top Three (3) Expensive Items: Diamond Pick, Sword, Bow

Other Info:No other info

Claim Report

Date: 2 weeks ago

Items Lost: 2 stacks of Quartz blocks

How Items Got Lost: Despawned when I got there

Other Info: None

Homer: Paid