✦ Kwerk Insurance Policies ✦

[size=14pt]Insurance Description[size=12pt]
You may be wondering how insurance in minecraft would work. Well, basically every time you die; and a staff member cannot replace your items because it was a “natural death” such as falling in lava, losing them somewhere in a cave, or blowing up from a creeper; Kwerk Insurance is able to give you a cash payout based on what you lost. This covers as much as all items in your inventory, even your armor! The money you can get can go as high as the policy you have. If you have any questions, please read the terms and conditions. We are now taking policy orders. If questions still remain, then please post below. We are happy to help.

If you want to supply insurance for your workers, group rates are available for a discounted rate. Kwerk Insurance can also cover company tools and items.

To place an order for a policy, please go here:

[size=12pt]Basic: $75 /week
Pays up to to $356.25 in damages

Economy: $125 /week
Pays up to to $593.75 in damages

Premium: $175 /week
Pays up to to $831.25 in damages

[size=12pt]Deductible- subtracted from your claim in the event of a loss.
[Deductible] - [Increase in premium] /week
$0 - +$75 /week
$25 - +$50 /week
$50 - +$25 /week
$100 - +$0 /week

[size=12pt]Helping players succeed™
Terms and Conditions
[size=8pt]A policy covers the user’s, and only the user’s, personal items in the event of a natural loss. Posting below acknowledges you agreed to the following terms and conditions… A limit of 1 (one) policy may be held by a single user. All items in the user’s inventory will be covered, and can/will be paid by Kwerk Insurance in the event of a permanent loss. Examples of unnatural/temporary losses are, but are not limited to: server timeout glitch, unwanted pvp fighting, and misplaced items. To place a claim, post below, following the format above. The official format for placing claims is listed on the original post, users who do not post in this format will be asked to do so. Once a claim has been approved, a mandatory deducible is removed from the total payout. This deductible is based on your policy, and will be implemented at the time of a claim. High-risk users may be forced to have a higher deducible, based on previous claims. When a claim is processed, the weekly premium will increase based on, but not limited to: frequency of claims, size of claim, payment regularity. Payments are due once the signs up for a policy. Weekly payments are due Friday-Sunday every week. Users who did not pay within this period will be dropped, not covered until they sign a policy again. We will pay 90% the average of the items lost. Refunds will not be given under normal circumstances. Users accused of insurance fraud will be persecuted and dealt with staff, as they have stolen from the company. The contract is not to be altered in any way, and doing so will void any and all policies.

:stuck_out_tongue: You are lucky I have a deathchest, or I’d sign up for this and bankrupt you, the amount I die.

The way I set up the company,we wont lose money and you get paid for your loss. It took, and still will take, a lot of planning. However, when this is complete it should help many people. Eventually leading to a stronger pcb economy!

Terms and Conditions

nothankyou :slight_smile:

Nothing in minecraft should be taken quite that seriously…

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Have you read it? It’s just to clarify how everything works.

I never bother reading those things till i need to. Which 99% of the time is never.

Better not be pulling from the interest I still have growing in my account is all I can say xD

From the bank?

When the economy got wiped(map change), the contract was voided.

D: Boo!

Sadly we don’t get a bank this time.

Yet >:D… dun dun dun

Spec said no bank ever :o

ferrari this is a Game … not real life?

I love the how dedicated you fer.

What about when a zombie kills you and steals all yo stuff because that happened to me

Whu - that is a natural cause of death - so yes, it would be covered.

He killed me and stole my armour and sword and i couldn’t kill him and he despawned. What makes it worse… HE WAS A BABY


Yeah, that’s an example of what this company is all about! If you had insurance those items would have been covered.

I see this happen often, setting people back in the game because now they don’t have the tools or protection to do things. If these were replaced (with money) then people would be able to put that money towards other things helping improve their homes, towns, etc. This isn’t as complicated as some people think, it’s basically:

Give us small payments over time, and we will give you a lot of money when something bad happens.