Welcome to the new page of KT INC. As you know I have been increasing stores and quantity of food delivered. As President of KT INC, I have decided to add employment options for anyone who would like to work.

1 Animal Keeper - Work at KT INC Animal Centre and Breed and Keep the animals doing well. Free Appt. in Orcinia and 50 dollars a month. Must like animals. On Hold-Mythbeast

2 Stock Managers - Work from KT INC HQ and Maintain Stocks of every food type at all stores. Free Appt. in Orcinia and 25 dollars a month. Must be trusted or above. On Hold-Liam599 1 Still Available

1 Public Relations Officer - Work from KT INC HQ and advertise KT INC and respond to critics. 100 Dollars a month and potential bonus.

More Opportunities Coming! Post Below with Resumé.

This may sound stupid but what exactly is a resume? Is it like a CV? I can’t think of anything else it could be…

Yes CV

I wana be animal keeper. ;D

KA EDIT: Please Schedule A Meeting With Myself.

I’m going to assume it is ouhai xD

Right then!

I would like to apply for a variation on stock manager. I can provide a very large amount of wheat, and reeds if necessary (although reeds are almost useless xD) I would accept a reduction on the pay as I will only be supplying wheat, and possibly whatever else I have to hand (melon most likely).

KA EDIT: Please Schedule A Meeting With Myself.

I can make an auto farm for the feeding of the animals. Perhapse this deserves a raise? ::slight_smile: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

No auto-farms as it goes against our cruelty to animal policy. The animals must have a great life before dying.

I meant for wheat, so i can feed them. I could rig up an auto animal kill farm though. :stuck_out_tongue: jk

Sure, for the wheat. You can start tomorrow.

Did my post get completely missed? xD I have a huge ass wheat farm. Eh, more food for me I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Mybad, no notification for edits though :stuck_out_tongue:

Im going to go ahead and guess that this is going to be in survival. Won’t the map be wiped in a while? I would like to not start something right now. I’m probably not going to be on survival too much do to the fact of the wiping of the map. I know it will be at least another month before the map gets wiped, but i kinda already put all my stuff in the modules and don’t totally want to go drag everything out of the chests. In the new map i would be more than happy to help though.

Yes it will be in survival, and it will start in 1.2. I have closed all stores until 1.2 to count stock and to be able to deploy rapidly to new stores in 1.2

I’m interested in filling the animal keeper position.

I usual play every weekend for 3-4 hours so i could be a good applicant for the stock person if i get unbanned. plus I’m your friend