kreeperslayer10 - 27th of June, 2016


Minecraft Username kreeperslayer10

Date of Ban 27th of June, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by princemark

Reason for Ban for not understaning my password and horibble to ban people like that

Reason to be Unbanned look I should be unbanned its wrong to banned someone who doesnt understaned I get that he was trying to get my password to understand it but u dont go throwing me out the window its reduceilus I mean its horibble what if someone was born that way or can comunicate plz its not wut the server thinks very wrong and mean.

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
2nd of June, 2016

2nd of June, 2016

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You’ve basically proven our point.
That’s 13 strict grammatical/spelling errors and many more in meaning. It took me five tries to unravel this. I’m surprised anyone had the patience to put up with this for so long before breaking out the banhammer.

Also, you’re not part of the server. So don’t try telling the server what the server thinks.

I think @PrinceMark said in your last app that he would prefer to see you stay banned. It takes a hell of a lot to convince him and your poor grammar that would take all off about a minute to correct really isn’t helping your case. I’m Dyslexic yet I still manage to use good grammar.

If another senior operator would like to unban you and deal with your rank/email/password issues then they can unban you themselves. I choose not to unban you because I spent way too much time being as specific i can be, short and to the point and even detailed when that wasnt working to help you. You need to follow directions and be good at that. It has nothing to do with communication. Im sure you have basic competency in that, however as Wooly pointed out your grammar usage isn’t really making a strong argument here.

Any SOP is free to unban if they would like to fix this user’s issues. Proceed with caution as he might waste a whole hour of your time just trying to do something that should take less than 5-10 mins

Bump. Any takers? If not, ban remains. Locking this up now.