Kostarius - 22nd of August, 2013


Minecraft Username Kostarius

Date of Ban 22nd of August, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by CherryRed

Reason for Ban For griefing. Right. That is what i do. Most likely the block of glowstone i broke in the spawn of survival. Can’t think of anything else.

Reason to be Unbanned Well. Of course i did not mean to “grief” the spawn…or anything else. Since when logging in, there is a huge lag spike i might have broken something else by accident (plus a constant small lag while playing). In that case it was all my fault. Other than that. Bought the game like 6 days ago and have focused on enjoying it. Which i do. Would i really grief?

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I kind of like this guy’s cheekiness. Any idea what the real story is Cherry? We don’t usually ban for one broken block.

Checked the spawn, found no other griefs of him. So yeah, this probably was an accident.

Pardon my manners but i did not have the idea of “banned” in my mind. I reacted. Since i am not that kind of person.
And again, even if i “griefed” some area, it was not done on purpose.

Tempestas here by the way. Ocram guided me to match the name here with the one on the survival. So, changed.


Since this is tempestas, I highly doubt this was intentional griefing. I recommend unban, but do want to hear from cherry still. Give it a bit more time.

And Kos, I was serious about liking the way you wrote it. If nothing else, it was funny.

cherry wont be on the forum. She is having problems at home, and is unable to login to the forums.

I honestly can’t say more than that, as i told her i would keep what i know to myself.

On her behalf, ill go ahead and unban.