Koningniels010 (Gew00nNiels) - 2014


Minecraft Username Koningniels010 (Gew00nNiels)

Date of Ban 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by anthjmon10

Reason for Ban accidentall grief in mall

Reason to be Unbanned got banned after i got unbanned for the same accidentall grief

p.s this appeal is placed by cousin (Dasschris) because i had an ip bann

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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Any information available on this?..

He got banned in 2014, I think its enough time. I vote unban.

I know i am not invovled in this matter but as he said he was IP banned, and surely this couldn’t have been because he “Accidently greifed a mall”. I think something is missing.

He was banned by @Ouhai_Ruby for griefing. IPbans are automatic to deal with name changing.

This was his last appeal

well actually what i meaned was that the accidental grief in the mall wasnt fixed when they found it again so technicly he was banned again because it was not fixed (besides it was 1 floor block)

List of Offences:

[ul][li]Grief in Guesttown[/li]
[li]Grief that ferr banned for[/li]
[li]Another grief that I found[/li]
[li]Griefing tsumai autofurnace[/li]
[li]Market Grief[/li][/ul]

Even if he was banned twice for the last offence, doesn’t really make much of a difference. He still had way too many chances.

Yeah, nobody get’s a 3rd/4th chance, however long it’s been.