koningniels010 - 4th of June, 2014


Minecraft Username koningniels010

Date of Ban 4th of June, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by ferrari

Reason for Ban greifing

Reason to be Unbanned this is the best server ever

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
6th of May, 2014

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What, again? Not my call but ferr will most likely say no because you had a VERY CLEAR warning.

Ferrari isn’t responding. If Ferr doesn’t make the decision I, or any other staffmember will.

I did remind ferr about this, even telling him what the bans were for…

I thought I posted on here, but I already told Octo my feelings on this. i dont remember what you greifed, so Im willing to unban.

I did say last time:

And it was for griefing, so personally I wouldn’t unban, but it is your decision.

EDIT: And I’ve just found another grief by koning.

found another offence-breaking and entering tsumai auto-furnace

If he were to be unbanned, I’d immediately ban him for the offence I found. Denied. Locked.