koningniels010 - 27th of July, 2014


Minecraft Username koningniels010

Date of Ban 27th of July, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by ferrari5746

Reason for Ban voor griefen ( i am spreak dutch ) maar voor het zelfde stukje dat ik had gegrieft ben ik 3 keer voor gebant

Reason to be Unbanned ik wil lekker met iedereen van de server lekker steden bouwen

[ Ban History ] 3 other ban appeals found
13th of June, 2014

4th of June, 2014

6th of May, 2014

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Recent ban appeal, possible 5th ban this time. I’d keep you banned but it’s not my call.

Google translate came up with:
for griefen (i am spreak english) but for the same piece that I’m gegrieft 3 times for gebant

I want to snuggle with everyone from the server build great cities

Should we get someone (i.e. Yomi) to translate properly before we deny it? It seems like a pretty bad reason anyways…

He basically said “I got banned for griefing, but got banned for the same grief 3 times”
Reason to be unbanned : “I really want to continue building cities with people on the server”

And BTW, it wasn’t the same grief you were banned for each time. Although it is ferr’s decision, I think we should just deny this…

I agree octo. If someone wanted to get unbanned they wouldn’t have made such a shitty app. Id vote to keep him banned.

Oh, forgot to get to this, not unbanning, Locked.