I am sincerely sorry about what have happened, I am sorry Ruby, for griefing your farm, I’m sorry Vaio, for annoying you, I’m sorry everyone, for being an asshole. I’m back here, asking if I could get a unban, I’ve learned my lesson from everything that I have done wrong, I shouldn’t have. Please unban me I really want to see everyone again, I honestly have no other server to go on, and I’ll just have to quit minecraft otherwise, I’ve pretty much achieved everything in minecraft and it would be a waste if I just started again.

Thanks, from kokoloko181

Depends, will you stop terrorising me?

I believe in second chances. Plus, you were not banned for griefing my reed farm, madboy was. You allowed it to grow back so it’s like borrowing really.

OK, I say you can be unbanned IF you:

DON’T TP-KILL PEOPLE!!! AKA: Tp-ing people when you are underwater and they are AFK or tp-ing people to large drops from which they die.)

DON’T STEAL STUFF!!! There was an incident between you and vaio over diamonds. I don’t know if you did steal them or not, but even if you didn’t, don’t.

NO EDITING BUILDINGS/TOWNS!!! Editing buildings/structures in any way is counted as griefing if the person who owns it does not approve. (E.g. The tree in Creative Cove)

SORT OUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH VAIO!!! Speaks for itself really.

That’s about it I think. If you follow this, any other incidents can be avoided.

Look, i believe in second chances as ouhai said, but if you were a relatively new player we would all be saying hell no.
Do you think it bothers us if you have nowhere else to go? Or quit minecraft? That’s your loss, and you should have thought about that before you did what you did.
I will leave it up to ouhai, vai and the others concerned, but I feel if you are currently Trusted on the server a demotion is needed.

yes agreed if he does get unbanned he needs to get demoted

I was assuming demotion to member would be obvious so I didn’t post about it.

Dude, Nek demoted him ages ago

I personally demoted him to Member because his promotion to Trusted was NEVER approved by the staff. Someone promoted him of their own accord.

Who banned Koko in the first place and for what reason?

I did. Why? Because he greifed rubys farm.

Really? Then he should be unbanned because as I said he sort of ‘borrowed’ the reeds because he let them grow back. Madboy was banned because he completely removed the reeds and got rid of the water sources. I thought he was banned for a combination of the things I stated above.

He can be unbanned, but I’ll watch him. Every single move.

Vai… don’t start your little feud up again…

I wont, I just don’t trust him :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume this has been resolved and led to Koko’s unbanning.

This thread will be locked.

Also, if you want to earn Trusted, you’ve got a long road ahead because you’ll need to do a damn good job of convincing an OP to put in a good word for you.