Klsonic: January 29, 2012

Minecraft Username: Klsonic
Approximate Date of Ban: January 29, 2012
OP Who Banned You: Filipenis

Reason for Ban: Griefing Spawn
Reason for Unban: Klsonic says she does not remember griefing and has never done anything wrong.

Done on account of Klsonic by Ka_52
Server: Creative

The server im mainly on is survival, thank you for posting this ka. I dont believe ive been in the spawn for a while now and its against my morals to grief or break rules. I dont even see how its possible to grief the spawn against the protection it has from regular players.

That is true. I’m confused why you didn’t post the ban appeal youraelf , but that’s beside the point. If you really did nothing wrong then I say unban, I would like to hear what fili says though.

i didnt post it myself because it would not let me, it said my letters didnt match the ones in the picture and icouldnt find any picture to go off of. they were normal letters and 's so i didnt see a problem so i had to get someone else to help me. thank you for showing support mr.sipjca.

I didn’t ban you on survival I banned you on creative…

Im also confused, how does someone grief spawn, especially if it is protected against most starting players.

That’s what I was wondering >:3

But somehow he did…

Well fili, what is your decision? It sounds like unbanning is in order, but I would like more details if you can.

She*, and i believe you guys are a bit confused. She’s talking about creative spawn, not survival spawn. And i think she’s saying she usually plays on the survival server more often than the creative, so she’s not quite sure how she could have done what she’s done on creative if she barley ever goes on it.

And sonic, the only spawn that has protection is on survival. Creative doesn’t have protection for its spawn, since the spawn is a freebuild area for members. So it CENSORED.

But with that said, i think she deserves a second chance. But thats all up to you Firi.

Edit by Ouhai: Don’t say stuff people can use against us. You never know who’s watching the website.

I think she kinda deserves an unban, depending if fili decides to trust her explanation. I’m more concerned with why spawn is not protected very well, im glad i know that now though. When I usually go to check on new people I only stayed at the top of spawn. Didn’t know they could grief inside the spawn.

I think the creative spawn is not protected is because Hard created it, not Andy. Usually, Andy does the zoning for the protections. To be honest, I don’t know exactly how he does it.

Unbanned, as long as it doesn’t happen again.


I know this is locked

It is locked, though i think i need to redo it. It gets the main part of spawn not the outer parts