Klongo Ban Appeal

Minecraft Username: Klungo858, now changed to Klongo.

Date of Ban: I don’t remember, but it was along time ago

Banned by: I don’t remember.

Reason for Ban: Survival Grief

Reason to be Unbanned: Did it along time ago, I dont even remember doing it, it’s a thing that I won’t do again and now looking back at it, its a childish and unmature thing I did.

Previous appeals: I haven’t done another ban appeal before.

Well, heres the information you chose not to bother to check and add:

Date of Ban: 2nd June 2017
Banned by: CallumW25

I have to say, it’s a pretty weak appeal.

@CallumW25 did you want to deal with this or would you like me to?

Yeah sorry, just wanted to get straight to the point.
Also where was I supposed to see who banned me and the date?

Oh shoot, haven’t checked the forums in a while, my bad

As mannriah said, very weak appeal and normally I wouldn’t bother thinking about it. However since I don’t remember the ban at all, and the fact there’s no detail in the actual ban, I don’t think it was that serious. I’m willing to let you off the hook for now but if you do break the rules again you know the consequences.

Someone unban and lock pls :stuck_out_tongue:

Also @Mannriah, and all staff I guess, I’m not planning to be very active on the forums at all, so if more ban appeals do come up for me, feel free to take them yourselves.

Unbanned. Locked