Any kiwis? I’m travelling to New Zealand for a photojournalism project in a few days and wanted to know some cool things about NZ, as well as your favorite thing (either if you live there or have been there.)


I’ve never been, but my dad went and said it was truly magical. He loved his trip and said New Zealand was one of the most beautiful countries he’s ever been too.
Take lots of pictures of sheep for me.

:3 Of course!

All tourists must go to Rotorua, its made specifically for you.

My dad’s from NZ, so I know about these things. If you go down the main road from Christchurch down through Ashburton to Timaru, you’ll see dozens of abandoned railway crossings. They used to have a pretty decent railway alongside the main road there, but it was shut down a while ago because hardly anyone used it.


Oooh. Sounds fun!

And I know you like trains…

Who is the person who works at a sheep themed ‘amusement’ park? I’m sure they’d love New Zealand.

Anyway, I’ve never been, but its supposed to be very nice there.

P.S. Kiwi fruits taste good, and the Kiwi Birds are supposed to be adorable

It’s actually from China, though (I researched it xD)

It is delicious, though.

Watch out for the sheep, I hear they are quite…horny :smiley:

Oh those are goats…

Watch out for the goats, I hear they’re quite…horny :smiley: