kingscouser - april-4-2013


Minecraft Username kingscouser

Date of Ban april-4-2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Hard24get

Reason for Ban i wa sblamed for pVP

Reason to be Unbanned i never hit Hard2get in fact i never even saw him on the server.i may have hit him by accident with an arrow while practicing my archery far away from the town but i i said accidently.All i did that day was get some xp
build another layer in my house and play a ladder game with golliwogs and panda

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I highly doubt you were banned for one arrow hit, more details were obviously left out.

Let me deal with this. I can speak liverpudlian.

This player was never meant to be banned , I had banned and unbanned you within a few seconds after realizing it was another player I should of banned

I guess this was a big misunderstanding, Unbanned and Locked.