Kinghoney came back to the server, asking why he was banned. He claims that his little brother got hold of his account and have done the griefs. I’d like to ask all of you, what do you think? Is he telling the truth, and should he be unbanned and be returned to advbuilder? Or be banned permanently?

My opinion is that I’m not sure if he’s telling the truth or not, but looking at his account, he have spent 6 and half days online on the server. It’s a good factor that he’s been loyal on the server for so long, and wouldn’t do such a thing. But, on the other hand, had a bad encounter with someone who accidentally placed magma in his world, destroying some of his stuff. He was quite angry and started to talk badly. This might just be an act of revenge, but not entirely sure.

But for now, my verdict is to give him a benefit of the doubt, and be unbanned to the server.

What do you think?

Demote him to guest?

I do believe he did that because Kayvaan destroyed his tree with lava. But I am really not sure. :’(

^^^^ THIS is a GREAT reason. He was almost crying over it, and it was an easy fix. He obviously commited the grief out of spite because everyone told him to shut up and stop whining. I have no doubt honey griefed it, and no one else.

True. He did say His “little brother did it” But now he is saying “its all my BIG fuktard brothers fault” I remember him saying He only had a little brother. But now he is saying its his big brother. Mind my language its how he said on the server I am with him right now. But he did say his brother did this and he saw him but how can he see him if he said He was in the bathroom. So he HAD to do it in order to know that his little brother DID do it. Simple Logic. He did it out of anger and hate and those are just foul excuses. 8)

not necessarily. once again, not starting something just playing Devil’s Advocate again.

lets say that, hes not saying his BIG fucktard brother, as in his brother is older, but perhaps his little brother is a big fucktard. see what i did there?

also once he got outta the restroom and returned, he coulda caught his brother doing shit on his computer. the only reason i say this is it happend to me in Survival when i first joined. id been on a few days, got on and everyone said i griefed dfirby’s glowstone. i caught my sis by the hair and made her tell me what happend. she had got on my account earlier that same day did some shit and griefed on my account…

Pardon my language:

now reality. I have very little knowledge about this. the only thing i know is that king “accidentally” flooded buildercity and got pissed at kayvaan when he/she "accidentally’ place magma.

another question i have:
How do you “accidentally” place magma?

I unflooded the map and was trying to figure out how to undo physics which i havnt used for god knows when. :o
He wanted kayvaan or someone help him to fix it and kept whining about it. So i have very little clue on what he got banned for.

F.Y.I Kinghoneydew1 is quite annoying. asking me for the op rank. He also is like 10 or 12…Maturity check…Besides that he seemed like a decent person.

Shadow stop playing devil’s advocate, it makes you come off as a c@@@.

Edit by Kyle for language. This word just bugs me more than others I guess. The word is sexist I guess?

sorry… i just want people to think outside the box sometimes. XD

No. He stays banned. I was the one that banned him. He flooded the whole guestcity… greifed multiple buildings (which was used to find out he did the magma), he was not online at the time of the ban. however, he was demoted, so i could ban, and then undone. So No. Final answer.

Also, what happened to the “What happens on your account is your fault” idea??

If he wants a CHANCE at being unbanned… he can appeal, the same way EVERY other person does.


Why was physics for flowing blocks enabled in guestcity in the first place? Shouldn’t it stay as Door-Only physics?

Anyway, upon the posts above, it’s likely to say that KingHoneyDew1 stays banned for good. I will leave this thread open for more discussion.

Shadow, I WANT you to play devil’s advocate. It is good to have differing opinions offered. Ggg, DO not say that c word. You have the right to disagree with what he says, but the way you answered sounded like you represented the majority of us.

I think the time king has been with us should make us consider his appeal. Have we considered that his bro may have been playing as him during that magma placement? Are we sure it was him that was wining about it?

A demotion is in order for sure. If he seriously wants to stay with us, he will earn back the rank.

Lol, cat

Shad has a good point actually gg xD So, watch your language you absolute chopstick.

I’m agreeing with John here.
It seems he acted out of spite, and it is rather difficult to place magma ‘accidentally’ (although it is possible if it was being used to fill a small area somewhere else, then he forgot to remove the command and clicked somewhere else. I’ve done that before. Along with being bored and guestcity needing wiping, me and fatso decided to have some fun with tnt. And /fill, filling houses with pink. Then realising the house had a hole in it. Boom. All air in the map is now pink. xD Anyway, RAMBLEEEE ONNN!)

The final verdict is Johns, as he is the one who did the banning. I also had reports not long ago that kinghoneydew was trolling people and being a general nuisance.
Also, he hasn’t officially appealed. Until he does that he will remain banned anyway.

He has also came back on the server with alt accounts, saying that he is not able to access the site or forums… which i have no reason why he couldnt… I mean, you could just refresh about 5 times if the forums are not working, and it works immediatly…

Devil’s Advocate
Maybe he and his little brother share the account. That would explain him blaming it on his little brother then his big brother.
/Devil’s Advocate

He stays banned till he makes an appeal. That’s my thoughts. We have an appeal system for a reason. If he can’t access the forums then tough shit he’ll have to wait till it works again.

That makes sense Ouhai…

And, yes, i completly agree with you…

Ok, remains banned until he appeals. Locked, unless anyone else has anything important to say.