Kingdom Hearts

Anyone else played Kingdom Hearts? :smiley:
It was my favorite game when I was about 6…

I am a massive Kingdom Hearts fan. I have played every game to date. My favorite battle system was actually the one for Birth by Sleep for the PSP. Fantastic game and amazing for the PSP. The DS game, 358/2 was interesting and the plot really got to me by the end. I love how all the games have little links and answers to the whole in each of them. The interwoven story is amazing in my opinion.

Dream Drop Distance looks really amazing, but I don’t have a 3DS nor do I plan to get one for a while. I don’t know how they are going to continue KH3 after DDD finishes. It seems pretty final.

If you played Birth By Sleep, good luck beating the Mysterious Figure. He is by far the hardest Kingdom Hearts boss I have faced.

EXACT SAME AS KYLE… i fucking rage quitted on the mysterious figure, though i did beat each story line in Hardcore… took about a month though xD
and kyle, did you beat Sephiroth on KH1? i never could sad to say =/

fave characters so far:

Got it Memorized?

as far as the final, i believe it will be in Kingdom Hearts III on the PS3 or 4 (god help us if they make a PS4… ) =/

actually im re doing all the PS2 titles atm. just gotta finishe sythesizing Ultima on the first game and ill go beat Ansem

Well I am pretty sure I never managed to play this game. :confused: Sounds like it was a pretty fun game though.

I’ve only played KH2 and 358/2 and for 358 I got bored because it was so monotonous. I just read the player’s guide I got to get the story :3

KH2, last I played, I was level grinding to face Sephiroth.

KH2 Sephiroth was easy compared to the KH1 Sephiroth.

Ah Kindom Hearts I remember watching my brother playing that game for hours and hours… Then i finally got to play the game so much fun playing it xD

Oh and one other thing…

Yep, the secret is to time your potions perfectly when he uses Heartless Angel. That move killed me many times. Also, did anyone else FREAK OUT when the Platinum match began in KH1? I had NO idea he would be in the game, let alone fight the one winged angel.

He proceeded to kill me in one hit…

Victory was sweet and the prize was nice too. I beat Mysterious figure too, but only after about 50 tries and guides online. My hands hurt so bad after.

no i deffinatly freaked out when One Winged Angel started playing. Lance Bass did a fantastic job with him both times