Killed and banned for being an asshole

It all started with Anima and myself making OUR OWN UN (United Nations). We have had it going for around two weeks and everything was going fine. Then some of the staff (Shadowmeire, Semi, Ka) start teleporting to where we were building the UN Capital City. They all start telling us how we can’t use the name “UN” because ka has a UN (which is completly inactive). I knew he had a UN, but he never did anything with it to my knowledge. So when members of Staff start trying to force us to change it, I personally felt like they were all ganging up on Anima and myself. It involved ka, anima, and myself. The entire staff jumping in made the situation go completly out of hand when all it was, was a name. Then after being an “asshole” Shadowmeire used the /kill command on me (he admitted it) so then I finally just agreed to change the name to something else if my levels would be given back ( I had 25). They said they couldn’t give me my levels so I was just going to wait for an admin too get on and ask them. Then Anima starts saying ka can’t enter the UN Capitol Building (which he can because he’s staff) and we are both banned shortly after. I know the main reason I was banned was for being an “asshole” but I was upset because I murdered by shadowmeire using the /kill command on me. I don’t even care about my levels anymore, I just want to be unbanned. I have been on the server for a while now and really don’t want to let this one thing ruin all the fun I have here.

Thank you for posting your report.

You are an active and generally kind player on PCB. However, crossing me without even asking is what ticks me off. If you knew I had a UN why would you make one with the same name. When I joined I asked you to change the name but you would not.

As well, may I remind you calling any staff member an “asshole” is unacceptable. We have earned the right to be respected, yet you continue to undermine us.

I understand you are a good player, however you need to learn to listen to staff. As well, if you had maybe asked me if you could use the UN name I would not have been so angry, BUT you decided to make one anyway fully knowing I already had one. Please refer to shadow’s post in anima’s thread for why the UN is currently inactive.

I believe you should be banned until New Year’s Day but it is not completely up to me.

i did use the /kill command. i used it on both you and Ani, more or less trying to diffuse a situation. bottom line, as Ka has said, both of us, as operators, are charged with the duty of keeping the peace on the server. its our job, its what we do.

and this is where i stop beating around the bush. Bottom line: you are an amazing player, and i generally like seeing you on here. Honestly Ka, i think New Years is too long, i thinka 24 hour temp ban would suffice.

All we ask.

  1. change the name. Ill pay you for compensation for loosing your levels.
  2. Apologize to both Ka and Italian, they have BOTH (as have most of the staff) been here for a VERY long time, if something seems inactive, chances are its not, you just haven’t noticed it being used, or it hasn’t been needed.
  3. I am an asshole, ill take that one, but don’t call me that. Respect goes both ways. ill treat you as you treat me.

Like i said, i think a 24 hour temp ban should be done, but then again, i banned Ani, Ka banned you. its up to him.

My apologies for calling all the online staff assholes, and as said before agree to change the name. I was unaware that staff could see private messages or I wouldn’t have said it. I don’t want my levels back, I just want to forget about this whole thing.

I agree with Shadow. You will be unbanned when I wake up tomorrow. Please take this time to think about what happened tonight. If any staff disagree with this post below.

apology accepted on my part. i would like to thank you for being such a good member on this Server, and hope you know i am honestly sorry about killing you and for this happening to you.

at this point we are waiting to see if Ka has anything else to post about your appeal.

Correction, you will be unbanned tomorrow morning. =3

I would be willing to give back the levels lost. I don’t really think /kill should have been the command used as /kick would have done the same thing (make them reload) without the exp loss.

If the name calling was a private chat to Ani, then I don’t see why it should count against him. Yes, it shows disrespect, but the chat was supposed to be private, right? The insult was not directed “At” someone.

This report was quite reasonable and it seems those here agree with his summary of events. I can see why several members of staff showing up and making demands would make most people defensive. Communication can be very difficult like this.

So, what was the purpose of this UN? What did you intend to do?

The reasoning of Anima and I making our own UN was to invite all of the main Cities (Farcoast, Caprica, Tejada ect.) and come up with ideas to improve our cities and have fun. There was never an intent to upset ka or boss people around, but we felt attacked when the staff tried to force us to change the name. I’m not trying to start the argument again with other staff, I’m just telling you the intent of the UN we made.

yeah i do aplogize again for using /kill, but i felt it had a stronger impact in this case as apposed to /kick. honestly, i don’t believe anyone of the Operators can read PMs between players. It was generally thought of being an asshole kinda thing to do to Ka. you can read my post in Ani’s as to why i believe it was.

Was the name “asshole” thing a mistyped PM then? Did anyone actually call someone that?

“It was generally thought of being an asshole kinda thing to do to Ka” - Sorry, what?

I don’t ever recall directly calling anyone an asshole, To my knowledge I only sent anima a message saying assholes

From the opening paragraph in this thread by robin:

“Then after being an “asshole” Shadowmeire used the /kill command on me”

I was referring to Shadowmeire calling me an asshole…

Shadow, why do you say that you banned Anima and Ka banned me, when on the ban list it shows you banned Anima and myself

Robin, please use the “edit” button

Stop. This is resolved now. You are being unbanned after a MAXIMUM of 24 hours. Please nobody extend it. This was just as stupid as anima’s ban, but I am glad to see this one did get resolved by the staff members involved.