Hello All,

As most of you know I am the owner of a couple of businesses on the server. To help you out I will post here the locations of KFCs and Taco Bells. ALL LOCATIONS CLOSED UNTIL MINECRAFT 1.2

SwampHead- KFC on the River.
Meander- Taco Bell @ KT INC Mall. Located next to portal.
Player Market- KFC on Ground Level. NOW OPEN! Flagship Store with Dining Area!
FireStone- KFC on Main Road.
Sacropolis-New Section of Town.
HillTop- Will Open during 1.2
CorraVista-TACO BELL Coming Soon!
Orca Ville-Flagship Taco Bell (1.2)


how does one arrive at these places?
“one does not simply walk his way into KFC”

Ka would you consider opening a production/HQ possibly in Atlanta?

Atlanta could be your main city of operations when pasted, I’m trying to get alot of people ready for when it is pasted so we can continue where we left off immediately.

As Kt tower is already in Atlanta I will move back as soon as it is pasted as my HQ.

Just like car roads are pointless (due to a lack of car), Taco Bells are pointless due of a lack of taco.
Doesn’t really matter, but I’m wondering what you are going to sell there.

We sell pork and beef tacos. Chicken Fajitas too! In all reality it is just cooked and raw food, but trying to mimic society as a whole is fun! :smiley:

Added and Fixed the List to include all of the current ones!

I bet the health inspector would approve of you selling raw food in your restaurants. :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

That took a fair bit of reading…

Erm ok fili…