Kerbal Space Program!

Epic new free game out there!

Build rocket ships from scratch! Use Cool Parts! Get into orbit! Explode a lot!

Seriously, this game is amazing. I’ve been playing it for a few weeks and i’ve got some epic rocket designs that can do anything from reaching escape velocity to low orbit insertion and even a rocket plane. Some physics knowledge makes it even more interesting, but its not required.

For all Kerbalkind!

Already tried it. Lags HORRIBLY.

That’s too bad, I don’t get any lag unless my rocket is freakishly huge.

when ever i disengage my takeoff rocket, even if it is out of fuel, it crashes into me :frowning:

My space ship doesn’t even take off.

My ship wont take off… When it does its suspened for like 3 seconds then crashs into me D:

You guys need more thrust! Trust me, it takes a lot of failures to get a success, just like real space programs! Try building a more compact and less wobbly rocket, those tend to have more successful launches.