KenzoTenma_ - 15th of June, 2015


Minecraft Username KenzoTenma_

Date of Ban 15th of June, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Unknown

Reason for Ban Griefing

Reason to be Unbanned I was just playing around with dragon eggs, i like this server so far and this is a bad shock and mistake i wish i never made, i thought because it would all get rolled back it wouldnt matter, im so sorry it was a terrible mistake

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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You were banned by theOctopus.

Just because we can rollback doesn’t give you the automatic right to grief.

I just wanted to have some fun, im sorry

There were a looot of dragon eggs, over a hundred, and I had to fix it with worldedit because they teleport around. And they were everywhe around ysf’s town. Why did you do this?

I wouldn’t call spamming several hundred dragon eggs and teleporting them around was “fun”…

Also how did you get dragon eggs? They aren’t in the creative menu.

i dont know, it was just there, please unban me im sorry, i really miss the server for what it is and im sad i made this mistake


they were everywhere anyway, underground i mean so i found them there, it wasn’t meant to be a grief

The only person who placed them was you. I did a lookup on dragon eggs in a large radius around the city.

If you’d stop lying then you might be unbanned.

i mean i found the dragon egg that i placed, there were dragon eggs underground, thats why i found them, i wasnt saying i didnt do it

Having checked the number’s it’s actually 1094 dragon eggs.

I will not be unbanning you.


Godsjedi also placed a lot of dragon eggs in the creative map a few days ago