Katycat_ 1 year Anniversary! =D

Hi all,

So I have never really started a post thing before but I figured since it was my one year Anniversary on this server I would give it a shot. All I really want to say is that this year on the server has been amazing and lots of fun. This is by far one of my favorite servers I have ever been on. And a thanks to anyone who had to put up with my the first couple of days i was on the server and really new nothing about Minecraft. (SplatPT and others.) This is such and amazing server and the community is awesome and I love all the friends I have made along the way, and how they have tought me so many things weather is be building a building or just a new life lesson. This server is really just a place I can be my self and have fun. Also being granted the position Trusted was pruty cool all on its own. (Even though I had no idea what that ment when I got it. When I logd on for the fist time with the Trusted thing next to my name I thought I did something wrong and had no idea what people were congratulating me for.) All and all I would just like to say thanks to everyone and I am supper excited for what this next year brings! =D

        Love, Katy =D

(P.S. Sorry if there are any spelling errors.)

Happy 1 Year, Katy!

I’m glad I won that Cards Against Humanity game in your name because you couldn’t join us.
I’m still reigning champ

Comic Sans too

Haha thanks jvm! =D

(don’t know if i did that quote thing right)

Here’s to more activity on PCB! Happy PCB anniversary Katy :smiley:

Happy Anniversary!
Thanks for posting this, it reminded me that my 1 year is coming up too…

Happy 1 year anniversary :smiley:

Happy 1-year anniversary Katy!

Happy Anniversary KitKat!! :o 8)

Happy Anniversary katy :smiley:

A year already congrats.

Happy one year anniversary :slight_smile: Here’s to one of many to come ;D


Congrats! :smiley:

Thanks everyone! =D