ka_52: Last Week

Minecraft Username: ka_52
Approximate Date of Ban: Last Week
OP Who Banned You:

Reason for Ban: Unknown
Reason for Unban: Because I have done nothing wrong. I have no idea why I was banned

I do know why you might’ve been banned, im not sure though. Liam saw you were in his chests and he said you stole his diamonds

some diamonds were missing after you were in my chest. this was my own fault as i didnt lock them, so i have not banned you.
I do not know why you have been banned basically.

Ok thanks though…

Has this been resolved?

If I remember correctly, your name popped up when someone investigated my house, which was missing loads of blocks here and there.
I might not remember correctly (a lot of people have grieved my house lately), so it’s up to the ops/admins to wrap this up.