KA_52: I won't be on for a month

So as stated above I will not be coming on mc until June 15th. I have given semi my password so I can’t even try xD. I will come on the forums but I must get at least 90% (low end) on my exams or I might die…



Aww, looks like we are going to be loosing a ton of people due to exams. XD Not me! I plan on staying here for as long as I can. I’m not going to let those exams get me down. Especially not the week before summer break. :smiley:

Edit: Ninja’d by Kyle

Yeah, school is definitely more important than games! Try your best, and good luck! Server won’t go anywhere, I’ll make sure of it :wink:

As if you can stop the server from going somewhere! Bua ha ha!

Well, I was kind of expecting this with so many people talking of exams. It’s okay, we won’t demote you yet.

Kyle you make me cry, I have no hope now…

I find your tears to be delicious! MORE!

My excuse was because mah monitor is broked. Lol. I shall see you when I am back, Ka.

I’m going to be on LESS. I’m coming on though cos i dont want to be completely work focussed, but i dont want to not work at all. After this week I have no more classes so I’ll be revising tons in the day and be almost normal in the evenings :slight_smile: