k its fixed

k its fixed

Mayor Of Portland

Holy crap. Same happened to me back in june. After calling my computer company, mojang, ect. millions of times, I resolved the issue, and now Im back. I hope it works soon man. Ill water the plants while your gone

XD thanks and that’s interesting

BTW: did u tryed uninstall MC, java and cleaning registry? and ofc manually cleaning .minecraft directory? grab Ubuntu Live DVD copy http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop, and try to instal MC on that live image, if it works, that means that its sth with ur windows, and that means that u need to uninstall MC, java and clean registry for sure.

Hope you can come back to PCB soon. We will miss you!

Thx for making it clear, I couldn’ tell it was you if it wasn’t for this.

XD LOL just noticed XD and yes daq i tried all of that tried resetting java etc and i am gonna try later

Wait, Spllat. You didn’t make this thread?


What’s the exact error you’re getting? Can you get to the main Minecraft menu (Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Options…), or are you stuck at the Minecraft News screen?

Chances are, it’s an issue on Mojang’s end. Ubuntu Live CDs and reinstalling Java shouldn’t be part of the problem; if there was a problem with Java/Windows/your computer, you’d probably be seeing bigger problems. My only advice is to re-install Minecraft and hope that works, otherwise I suggest you follow @jmvvana’s course of action.

k fixed thanks tho


And that’s Captain Hindsight, not Captain Obvious…

le sigh