Jx4576 - Long while ago


Minecraft Username Jx4576

Date of Ban Long while ago
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Kurry

Reason for Ban Stupidly blowing up a island

Reason to be Unbanned Its been awhile, I know. I’ve gotten older, and began to realize my mistakes. It’s the fact that no other server matches PCB, despite almost a year of searching. It’s ok if it’s decided to leave me banned. It’s that I want to apologize for my stupid mistakes

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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“Apparently I was banned for blowing a island up that I had permission to. So goodbye. Im off to write bad reviews about this server and I wont make a appeal for you hardheads will of course say no and derp around. So goodbye noobasses”

Come on man, I know people change, but with this goodbye your chances of welcome back are low- you do realize for that loads of people hated you for that, right? It’s up to them to decide whether you should come back, but in my opinion, a couple months is not enough for a real change of character.

I know this, I understand if I don’t get unbanned, I came to apologize and see if I could possibly get unbanned

Only staff and involved people may post on ban appeals

I know Kurry banned you but it was a mutual decision. She will still have the last word.

First off, you have not been banned for a year but a few months. We did not just ban you for blowing up that island but for your bad behaviour in general. We were waiting for you to cross the line because none of us could stand your behaviour. You would push staff to their limits but would stop before they would have enough to ban you. I strongly advise Kurry not to unban you, you’re just too much for me.

I think a PVP server would be better suited for you. We never really wanted to build and your main objective was always to create intrigue and war.

It’s a no no from me.

No offense Guibo, but I didn’t state that its been a year

Then stop posting :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever, its still no.
But I appreciate your apology.

And guys stop posting on this.

Be careful Robin, she is staff as I know…

I request Robin be allowed to speak. Infact, I want to hear people’s opinion. No offense, but I just want to hear the public thought of me.

non staff can reply, and please refrain from double posting :stuck_out_tongue:

You asked for it!

I’ll put a poll and if people want you back, I’ll unban you!

I request staff and nonstaff to vote.

Even though you were a bit annoying, I’m voting yes. I’ve made mistakes and been given many chances, and am thankful for them, so hopefully Jx can have another chance too.

Interesting…2 Yay, 2 Nay, 1 Don’t Know Him


Umm this is a bad idea sorry Jx you torn my respect to pieces in the past and you were a pain to work under. I thought you had gone for good. I think your ban wasn’t just the island it was the tensions leading up to it. You also did not leave on the best terms as Jape has provided. I believe that you should at least wait a little longer and when that happens you should be on a trial bases with the upmost scrutiny before I even think of letting you back in the family. >:(

Honestly I’m choosing yes because I believe people can change

Yes, people can change, but it isn’t hard to say sorry for your actions or say that you have changed. I’m saying, stay banned for good. Your actions on the server were your own fault and are far beyond what I would say would be an area where you could be unbanned. Saying you’d write bad reviews about the server? Yeah, you aren’t coming back.

Dont actually know you but it sounds like a sincere apology. 8)