jvsonchen (previously chichibilly)

Minecraft Username: jvsonchen (previously chichibilly)

Date of Ban: 26-08-2015

Banned by: TheOctopus

Reason for Ban: Being an irritating twat

Reason to be Unbanned: An argument occurred on the server because someone altered the design of my building without my permission, resulting in a ban. I am looking to join the server again, promising I will handle these situations more calm.

Previous appeals: No.

@TheOctopus - All you

I got banned almost 5 years ago and that was when I was 14. I’m 19 now and I’m looking to have a fresh start. I’ve matured much more and promise to be respectful in the server.

Also banned by me on 30 Dec 2016 02:54 for using an alt. account to bypass a ban for well over a year. The alt. account used was furryflower231, and there were also multiple cases of bypassing shortly after the initial ban (mentioned in the first appeal). This resulted in the temporary demotion of a staff member who was involved, and in Jan. of 2017 the entire staff team came to a general consensus of chichibilly and all alt. accounts receiving a permaban with the chance of an appeal in the future. That being said, it has been several years but it is still a large decision to repeal a permaban.

I’d hope that 5 years is enough time for someone to learn their lesson.

You have been unbanned, but I’m expecting you to follow the rules to the letter, you won’t get another chance.

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