JustACornCob, Changed to JustDeficon on 29/8/2019.

Minecraft Username: JustACornCob, Changed to JustDeficon on 29/8/2019.

Date of Ban: 15/11/2019

Banned by: QueenMayhem/FittyCent

Reason for Ban: I was banned for griefing BronxBomber6849’s house.

Reason to be Unbanned: If I did grief BronxBombers6849, which I don’t recall doing, I am truly sorry.
However, as I said, I do not recall grieving anyone’s house, especially not destroying any house.
I would probably agree on my ban if someone showed me some really solid proof, but currently I do not agree as I do not know the player or have any relations to BronxBomber.
I have been a member since 2017 and have changed as a person.
I love this server and would love to be let back in.

Previous appeals: No.

You are one of many people who griefed this particularly house. I’ve obviously fixed the damage but I can show you the house in question, not that it changes much. You did the damage the house whether you remember it or not.
Whether you agree with the Ban or not doesn’t matter. I checked the logs you did the damage. The house is relatively close to survival spawn so I assumed at the time you were just “passing through” and decided to break into the house.