Just stopping to say hello.

Many of you probably don’t remember me. I saw this link while cleaning out some bookmarks. I joined the forums in 2014, but I think I joined the server sooner than that. Some of you will remember me as being the immature 11-year-old. Well, I have had 3 years to develop and have reached a good maturity level (I hope). I came here to see if anybody I remember is still here, and if they are, hello to you. Hello to everyone else as well.

P.S. If you see anyone by the name DrBurgerMaster or DrBurger anywhere else on the internet, that’s me.
P.P.S. Anyone have discord/play Gmod?

Hello :slight_smile:

I remember you, the city of houston and halcyon. Good to see ya back!

Hi there!

P.S I have discord and gmod

Hlo lego, dunno if you’re coming back but WB if so.

Welcome Back or just Hello!
I have discord :slight_smile:

What up dawg

wb :slight_smile: