Just Some Drawings

Just thought I would share some of my better drawings :3

They’re all awful gtfo.

I’m joking, yeeeeeesh.
Pretty freakin’ good, better than I can do anyway. Only things I can draw relatively well are cars and guitars… :stuck_out_tongue:

Shit son, I just started watching Fairy Tail

Aha here is levy then :smiley:

Good shit, good shit. I like.

that first pic captures my beauty when i get outta bed in the morning

So glad you sneaked into my house to draw that Pen.

OOOOOoo this is how I started out drawing, I LIKE IT :smiley:


What happened to your gains nerd?

i didn’t know that penguins are abble to draw! how do you grab the pencil?

Omg peng… this is really impressive. I can only draw stick figures xD I barely passed art!

I know right, you look so beautiful in that drawing.


Anime is like test brah, it makes you fuck pumped.